Bob and Flo, the Missing Bucket

Bob and Flo – the Missing Bucket is my first self-penned picture book! It’s also just been nominated for the Sheffield Children’s Book Awards 2015.

A beautifully-illustrated story from new talent Rebecca Ashdown, presenting a toddler’s-eye-view of the world to young children everywhere steering a course through their first friendships. Lots of visual humour to really engage a young audience.



On the first day of preschool, a bucket becomes the catalyst for a wonderful new friendship. Flo arrives for her first day with a pink bow on her head and a red bucket filled with fish: her lunch. (All the characters are rather serious-looking penguins whose emotions are revealed through posture and body language.) The words on the pages follow Flo as she goes through her day, but the pictures tell a somewhat different story. “Flo tried some painting” appears on the verso, but the recto shows Bob, who admired Flo’s bucket on a previous page, eyeing said bucket. And a turn of the page reveals fish all over the ground and a missing bucket…and “something different” about Bob. The unflappable Flo fails to notice that Bob’s new hat is in fact her bucket and goes off to look for it, along the way noticing Bob building a tower (while perched atop the bucket), some sand castles outside (remarkably bucket-shaped), and Bob playing a new drum. Finally, during recess, Flo and her bucket are reunited and come to the rescue of Bob, and a new friend is made. Understated illustrations made of textured papers in muted tones keep the focus on the developing friendship and the slapstick humor. Here’s hoping for a return of Bob and Flo…and for every preschooler to find a friendship like theirs. 

Making Them Readers review can be read here. 

Red Reading Hub Jill R Bennett’s Reviews of Children’s Books Oct 31st 2014

With so much of the mystery of Flo’s missing bucket being told through the charmingly simple illustrations, it’s very much a case of showing not telling. A perfect lesson of the power of pictures and indeed picture books, and their vital importance in the journey to true literacy.

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Perfect book and lovely story. I shall look out for more by Rebecca Ashdown for my Grandchildren. 

Lovely story, simple yet heart-warming message of friendship and life’s milestones wrapped up in a beautifully illustrated hardback book. Flo must solve the mystery of her missing bucket and then when she finds it she gains a friend – the bucket being the object that brings these two adorable little characters together and sets off the beginning of a beautiful friendship. This is a lovely storybook and will surely become a favourite.

Lovely story of the little penguins Bob and Flo which has been read numerous times already to my little granddaughter who giggles when I read it to her.