Odd Socks

Odd Socks by Michelle Robinson, Andersen Press

Suki and Sosh love their life. By day they go to work together on their pair of feet; at night they snuggle up in the sock drawer. But then disaster strikes…

Thanks to the very funny and clever Michelle Robinson (plus Bright and Andersen Press), earlier this year I was given the wonderful challenge of working on ‘Odd Socks’. What an opportunity! A unique chance to breathe life and emotion into a pair of woolly socks – inspired by this fabulous rhyming text; ‘It’s a bit Shakespearean, actually,’ I was told. And it is!

It took a short while to get them up and running, but my fondness for fluffy footwear and an insatiable love of puppetry soon took hold, inspiring the creation of this loveable pair and their wearable friends. Adventures are afoot!

Here they are on their very first outing… Frankfurt Book Fair 2015.


Odd Socks has already had some really great reviews in the first two weeks of its public life… and was The Hive Stores book of the month throughout January.


“This rhyming love story is inspired… A delight.” (Daily Mail)

“An epic and very funny tale of odd socks” (Fiona Noble The Bookseller)

“Told with excellent rhythm and tongue-in-cheek humour… Delightful.” (Marilyn Brocklehurst The Bookseller, Bookseller’s Choice)

“A love story… to charm the whole family.” (MinervaReads)

“Great fun” (Red Reading Hub)