Storytime Sunday @ The Doodle Bar

Rebecca Ashdown & Julia Patton

Storytime Sunday 17 May 10-12 get your ticket!

This should be a lot of fun. We’ll be cutting, sticking and munching and sipping all morning. Here’s a sample of one of the creative activities… make your very own Bob!

… and this is what happened on the day.

After I’d read ‘Bob and Flo’ to the children, we started the penguin workshop, which was enormously messy and great FUN. Very soon, we had created a huge army of penguins – each with it’s own unique character! We also had a competition to make the funniest one – the winner received a signed copy of ‘Bob and Flo’, kindly donated by Oxford University Press.

Working with Julia Patton was great fun (both her energy and enthusiasm know no bounds). She read a snippet from her wonderfully illustrated ‘Fi-Rex’; a brand new book, collectively written by some of the UK’s top celebrities, created to raise money for Children In Need (Fat Fox Books). Afterwards, her workshop was a ROARing success.

To top it all off, we had perfect weather and the Doodlebar venue and staff were amazing. Thanks so much to The Bright Agency, for making it happen. As always, brilliant!

Storytime Sunday is not only a great way for families to explore stories and meet the people who make them; it also gives us authors/illustrators a chance to connect with our audience. And what a brilliant audience they were!